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H.U.M. Clinic

H.U.M. Clinic, our name embodies a unique blend of healthcare services: “H” for Hormone, focusing on male hormonal balance; “U” for Uro-genital health, addressing Sexual Health; and “M” for general medical practice.

H.U.M. Clinic, Bangkok | Thailand

H.U.M. Clinic, a licensed facility, operated by physicians with over 8 years of experience in men’s hormones, sexual health, sexology, HIV & STD, and weight management. We offer medical services including testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), weight management consultation, and sexual health, general health care for all genders, alongside with nutritional support and health check up.


Testosterone &
Urogenital &
Men’s health
Weight management
Sexually transmitted diseases
Laboratory & Medicine & Vaccine

TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) Service

Screening testosterone test for those who are at risk of Andropause. Support those who has low testosterone by Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

Sexual Health Service

We provide service in STD aspects from testing to consultation, and also treatment and prevention of STD.

Sustainable Weight Loss Program

Embark on a journey to healthy and sustainable weight management with our specialized doctors. FDA-approved medication (weight loss injection pen) is available. Our clinic specializes in safe and effective way of weight management strategies, correspondingly ensuring you achieve your goals with the utmost care for your well-being.

Comprehensive Medical Clinic

Discover healthcare service at our clinic. Our commitment to excellence shines through our comprehensive health check-up, medication refill services, and a wide range of treatment and vaccinations for prevention. Experience our medical care and diagnostics, tailored to ensure your well-being and health.

Medical Clinic with English Speaking Physician

Communicate easily with our English-speaking doctors for clear, comprehensive care. Furthermore, we merge European, American, and Thai medical standards to ensure global standard of treatment. Our goal is to provide transparent, compassionate healthcare, overcoming language barriers to ensure your medical journey.

Medical Clinic Bangkok Near BTS Asok, MRT Sukhumvit

Our medical clinic is conveniently located near BTS Asok and MRT Sukhumvit, ensuring easy access for all your healthcare needs. We offer a wide range of medical service in a state-of-the-art facility, providing expert care and personalized treatment in the heart of Bangkok.

H.U.M. Clinic

Clinic about Men’s Hormone/Heath, Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), Weight Management, Sexual Health including HIV and STD, and other General Practice including Consultation, Lab tests, Medical documents, Medication refill, and Vaccines.